How To Increase Blog Traffic From Reddit / Get Bulk Traffic From Reddit

Increase your Blog Traffic using Reddit

It is very easy to drive blog traffic using Reddit. All you need to do is follow every step.
Note : Reddit keep a record of your IP. So, better change your IP address and then up-vote your article for better analytic.
  • Now, open Reddit from your original IP Address and post anything.

  • Note : You need an account on Reddit.
  • Now, you will see the options like Submit a new link, Submit a new text post or create your own subreddit.
  • Select ‘Submit a new link’.
  • Now, New window will open.
  • Now, give a title to your post and paste the URL.
    Don’t forget to give a subreddit and then submit your post.
  • Now ,open Zenmate and change your IP Address and create few accounts on Reddit and up-vote your post.
  • If you’ll have over 15 up-votes then your post will be consider as hot and will be published on first page of Reddit for few seconds. And if you able to gain more up-votes than you’ll get thousand of visitors.
Well, if you followed each and every step then you must have got several visitors on your website.

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