How To Increase Mozilla Firefox Speed : Ultimate Guide Browse Fast

Tips and Tricks : Increase Mozilla Firefox Speed – Browse Fast

Enable HTTP Cache
You’ve to enable HTTP Cache in Mozilla Firefox just to reduce UI glitches and to experience smoother browsing experience. As soon as this HTTP Cache is going to increase in Firefox you can notice a bit difference in browsing speed.
increase mozilla firefox speed
In order to enable this cache open Firefox and type about:config and search for browser.cache.use_new_backend. After that double-click on it and change the value from 0 to 1. That’s all close about:config tab and continue browsing.
Refresh Mozilla Firefox
This is an amazing feature that was provided by amazing browser. When you refresh your Firefox it will delete all the extension and themes, website permissions, plugin settings, toolbar customization, added search engines, download history, users styles and social feature and security settings. But we want to conclude here that it will keep your browsing history, bookmarks, passwords, cookies and personal dictionary.
increase mozilla firefox speed
To access Refresh Mozilla Firefox  you’ve to type about:support in the address bar. Then click on Refresh Firefox to get started and we advise you to perform it several times and it works great. After applying these changes move further to enhance your browsing experience on Firefox.
Minimize Memory Usage
Firefox has an amazing feature that helped you in increasing performance. In Firefox you’ll find an option for built-in performance tricks and to minimize the memory usage. To access this feature of Mozilla Firefox type about:memory in address bar and it will provide you complete memory usage detail.
increase mozilla firefox speed
In the webpage you’ll find option for Minimize Memory Usage under  Free Memory. When you click on Minimize Memory Usage it will free your memory immediately and you’ll notice increased speed in Firefox. This method works best when you’d recently closed lots of tabs. When you close these tabs, memory associated with those tabs are not free immediately and when you click on Minimize Memory Usage memory associated with those tabs will be freed. We are quite sure after this step you’ll definitely feel the change in the browsing speed.
Pipelining in Firefox
increase mozilla firefox speed
Pipelining is one of the most effective tricks in order to increase speed of Mozilla Firefox. Basically pipelining is a feature that allows Firefox to open multiple connections to a server. If you want to access this pipelining features typenetwork.http.pipe. Below we have shown a screenshot in which we have highlighted the settings which you have to change.
Clear Cache Memory
This is one of the most common methods for increasing the speed of browser. We are aware of this term as we usually perform this technique on our smartphones. Same thing applies to computer browsers. When we open a site Firefox will cache the content of it and it becomes useful when we access the same website too frequently. But when this cache memory increases too much then it starts slowing your device. Therefore we advise to clear cache memory once in a month.
increase mozilla firefox speed
To reach this cache memory go to Options >> Advanced >> Network. There you’ll find options for clearing the cache memory. We also suggest you to check Override Automatic Cache Management Box and set the value depending upon the size of your hard disk. But don’t set this value too high if you have small hard drives because in such cases it will slow down the performance of browser.
Enable Safe Mode
Safe Mode is one of the most amazing features of Mozilla Firefox which disable all the extensions and themes of Firefox and allow you to access the browser. If you notice that there is a noticeable difference in the speed of browsing in normal mode and safe mode then we can guarantee you some extension is behind this issue.
When code of some extensions is not correctly written on complexity of that code is high then these extensions cause this type of issues. So when you access Firefox in safe mode all these extension are disabled and you can experience great browsing speed.
increase mozilla firefox speed
If you wish you open Firefox in safe mode then click on Menu Icon >> Help Icon then choose Restart with Add-ons Disabled…
increase mozilla firefox speed
With these steps you can enter in safe mode in Mozilla Firefox but don’t worry it will not ruins your customization. When you again access Firefox it will ask you to Start in Safe Mode or Refresh Firefox.
increase mozilla firefox speed
We’ll advice you to first disable all the add-ons then enable it one by one to check which extension is making the issue. You can see all the Plugins and Add-ons by clicking on Menu >> Add-ons.

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