How To Make Money in Mywapblog Blogs using uc union [Full Tutorial With Screenshots]

How to Earn Money From MyWapBlog : 

It is very easy to earn money from the internet especially from MyWapBlog , Because blog is the only one thing which get huge amount of traffic from Search Engine than the Downloading Wapsite . To earn money from your mywapblog , Just follow the steps that given below

  • Log-in to Your Dashboard on MyWapBlog .
  • Click on the "Ads" Link under the "Appearance" Tab .
  • There you can see some of the "Ad-Network's" Click the first one "UCWEB Union".
  • now signup on uc union and add your mywapblog blog as publisher.
  • Now they take minimum 3 days for for approve your blog,
  • after getting approval, open management section. And get your ad code.

  • open mywapblog dashboard and click appearance - ads.
  • click on uc union. 
  • Now it will ask you an publisher id.
  • Just Look at your ad code. you will see something like tarandeep2@tricksglobal2 like this. now copy the line and paste it on mywapblog ucunion publisher id.
  • Now Save the code and earn money with your mywapblog blog.

  • your ad will display in your every post & first post in main page.
  • You will get paid every 10th date of month, if you are reach atleast 10$.
  • You can also use link ads,banner ads in your mywapblog for better earnings.
  • (In my exerience am using banner ad in my mywablog site,its better than link ads.)

  • Don't Forgot to add your ucunion ads in desktop ads,smarthone ads in ads section for better earnings.
  • am Using this method and make 0.60$ to 0.80$ per day with 7000 daily visitors.

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