How to permanently delete wechat account?

Now a days there are many mobile messaging applications available like WhatsApp, BBM, WeChat  etc. its like handling the same TV with different remote 😀 In this tutorial i am going to show you how to delete WeChat account. But before you delete it permanently, you must look at few of Hidden features of WeChat.
how to delete wechat account

WeChat application doesn’t allow the users to delete/remove account directly from a single button. And to delete your account you have to follow the simple steps given bellow by which you can deactivate your WeChat account.

How to Permanently Delete WeChat Account?

1. Clear chat history and remove linked account

Now first of all you have to clear the history of your WeChat account so login in to your WeChat app and then go to setting and then click on “Clear Chat History” and then clear all your char history.

2. Revoke third-party services

After clearing your WeChat application’s chat history simply unlink the account which are linked to your WeChat account like Facebook and all. And make sure that you didn’t removed your email address from the linked account because we have to request them about the account cancellation.

3. Send your Email to WeChat about the account cancellation

Now after clearing the chat history and removing the linked account now its time to delete the WeChat account but how can we do so ? there is no direct delete option for it ? well you can contact then about the account cancellation and then they will cancel your account  you can contact them via their contact us page.
Now After requesting them about account deletion just uninstall the WeChat application from your Smartphone and then your WeChat account will be deleted permanently!

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