How To Trace Who is Using Your Wifi Connection / Block Them From Using Your Wifi

Check who is using your WiFi and BLOCK them

Check who is Using your WiFi

Here are few steps to check who is using your WiFi.
  • Download the app Fing on your android smartphone.
  • After downloading the application.
  • Launch it and refresh it by tapping on above sign as shown in picture
  • Now, you can see all the device connected to your WiFi.

Block Unwanted Internet Connection on your WiFi

Did you found any unwanted connection with your WiFi?. Don’t worry as you can easily block them. There are several people who can easily hack your password or using your open network. Just block suspicious networks from your WiFi.
  • While using above software you will get the MAC Address of Suspicions network.
  • You will see a number in the form of 192…. it is said to be IP address. Below that number you will find MAC address which is a combination of numbers and Alphabets.
  • check your IP Address, Subnet Mask and Default Gateway
  • Now, open the system, which is connected to your router.
  • Now, enter your router IP in your browser.
  • Now, write your username and password and login.
  • It will open your Internet Router setting.
  • Now, enter the MAC address under MAC field and block suspicions network.
  • You can block as many connection you want to block. Just by writing there MAC address.
  • Note : Once the you enter there MAC address then they are banned till you have internet connection. The ban continue even if they have correct password of your WiFi. However, you can also lift the BAN by removing there address from MAC field.
Congratulations you have blocked all kind of suspicions network, who was using your WiFi.

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