How To Verify Google Adsense Account Without Pin Code [Address Verification]

You will get 3 attempts to get Adsense Pin and 1 attempt take 1 month. So, you have to wait for 3 months to get your Adsense Pin. Well, it’s very long time. If you are facing these similar problems and applying for Pin again and again. And you are still struggling with your Adsense account then, I will tell you a method which will allow you to verify google Adsense without Pin.

Verify Google Adsense Account Without Pin Verification
To verify Adsense account without Pin. You need some documents.

Your Identity Card....
It should be a government identity card which tell your nationality. You can even use your Driving license and make sure this identity card have your address printed on them. Your Digital Image Your Image should be printed on Government issued Identity card.

  • Now, open your Adsense account.
  • Now, below you will find an option to complete this form.
  • Now, open the form and enter the same details which you have added while applying for Adsense.
  • Now, upload all your documents.
  • Now, you will receive an email shortly from Google Adsense regarding your Personal Information Number [PIN].
  • Now, just click on the mail and verify Google Adsense account.

This the best way to verify your Google account without a Pin verification. It doesn’t matter where you live and how many time you have asked for the pin from google Adsense. You can just follow these simple steps and verify your Google Adsense account easily.

I would personally recommend all of you to wait and stay calm till you receive the Pin through the post. Take all your 3 attempts and then, use this method. I got my Pin on the second attempt so be patient.

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