[N0N-R00T] Run Multiple Accounts of Any Apps @ Android Phone| LIGHTWE!GHT APP| Supports 99% apps including Whatsapp/FB/Hike/Twitter *!~•~•~!*

Hi Guys,

Its long time Since I have posted a trick. So I have came with a
tutorial to run multiple accounts of any app without any hacking skill
& most interesting part is that it works without ROOT permissions.

SO I would like to introduce a new app
which is a "container" app
for Android devices. It creates a
virtualized, isolated environment and
allows other apps to running inside.
This app is just of 2MB.

With this app you can:
~ Have multiple social accounts online
simultaneously on one device, like
Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, VK
and even more.

~ Play two game accounts together
to have more fun, like COC, COK and
many other games.

~. Separate your work and personal
apps and accounts.



Some FAQs About

1. How many apps does Parallel Space
Parallel Space now supports 99%+
apps on Play Store, even Google Play
itself can be virtualized and run
inside Parallel Space.
However, it are not possible to test all
apps on the store. If you have any
problems, let them know by the
Feedback feature in app.

3. Does it modify the app?
No, the container is completely
transparent, no APK modification

4. Which device does it support?
Android 4.0+, ARM based devices are
all supported. X86 and MIPS are not
supported yet.

5. So many permissions!
Parallel Space delegates all
permission requests from apps
running inside. In order to make sure
apps running inside not crash
because insufficient permission,
Parallel Space has to request as
many permissions as possible.

6. Huge memory/battery/network
Same as above. Memory, battery,
network are used by apps running
inside, not Parallel Space itself, just
relax and enjoy.

RustamVeer Singh

I am a 17 year old boy living at Nizampur, Distt.Patiala (Punjab), studying in XII .

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