Requirements To Note Before Applying Google Adsense

1. Contact Us / About / Privacy Policy Pages

There three pages are very essential to get approve Adsense, lot of time I reject from Adsense due to this mistake, lot of newbie doing this mistake and they are rejecting from Adsense many times, so you need to make there three pages simply in contact simply write your name, E-mail address Cell phone, Give Facebook contact address, Twitter Address, G+ address or simply create Contact Me from. Next is About mean write little biography about your website that what type of services you are providing. Last one is Policy Privacy mean what are you blog policies etc…

2. Minimum Number of Posts

May be you are not agree with me on this point, lot of my friends having more then 100 post but they can’t get Adsense and many friends have around 40 to 50 post they are enjoying Adsense earning, so mean to say that quantity doesn’t matter quality matter, if you have well written and well optimized contents then you can approve if you have 40 to 50 post. Never apply for Google Adsense if your blog has less content and is not optimized according to Google terms and Conditions. So there is no specific limit that should be before applying for Adsense.

3. Traffic

Lot of people consider that traffic doesn’t matter 😀 no dear traffic matter much, if you have more then 100 post and you have 50-100 visitors per day then how you will get Google Adsense? You should have approximately 1000 visitors per day, page view doesn’t matter much, and in traffic above then 70% traffic should from search engine

4. Domain Name

Buy your own level domain mean self hosted domain and a reputable webhosting service, like Godaddy, Bluehost, Hostgator. You will never approved on sub domains or on blogger, so always try to buy .COM domain name, if you will have commercial (.com) domain then you will get adsense easiliy.

5. Design

Its very important step I think so, lot of newbie even old blogger don’t care to much but believe me its not only important it’s essential for your website that should user friendly, it may not possible to reach your original content user have to cross many steps. So you need to keep your website simple, easy, user friendly.

6. First 3 Months

Google Adsense policy is 6 months but I suggest you first three months, in first three month you need to do burn midnight oil mean your full effort, first three month don’t give your attention toward earning give full attention on dragging more visitors, once you get more visitors then go for Adsense other then you will just reject nothing more.

7. Other Ad Networks

Before going to apply for Adsense make sure that you are not advertising of any other Network, if you are advertising then stop it because at a time two program can’t be run so it’s important for you because lot of newbie try to earn by both hand they are advertising of two or three networks which is against Adsens policy.

8. Name/ Email / Age Verification

Before submitting you application make sure that you name is correct because after submitting application your name can’t be change, verify you age that you are above 18 or not if you are not then you will not get payment, and last is verify your e-mail address and after that submit your application.

Some Of My Personal Advice :

  • Use Top Level Domain Like
  • Blog Posts Not been too small.
  • Avoid adult materials.
  • Blogger blog must be 6 months older.
  • Avoid Copying  Other blog post's - Check Your Copy Pate work Here{Link} having More Than 10 Contents Bloggers, Not Getting approval
  • Use Responsive Blogger Templates.
  • You Must 18Yrs Old.

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