Secret Method to get dofollow backlinks for Blogger / Wordpress

How to get dofollow backlinks for your Blog?

Find Dofollow blogs for commenting:

First thing first, you will find many SEOs saying that blog commenting has died. But in fact, it is never true. Blog commenting carries the real weight in making your blog a brand name (if done right way). You will find mostly blogs for blog commenting are nofollow, but yet still some goldmines exists, so we are going to discuss them.

Among popular dofollow comment systems, a very popular comment system is Intensedebate. Now to get most out of this commenting system, simply visit dropmylink and then search for blogs powered with IntenseDebate with your keyword. This tool will list all the blogs that are containing content relevant to your keyword that are using IntenseDebate.

So, now simply visit those pages, leave a comment there, simply enter your blog or page URL there in the website field, and put your keyword in the name field, and publish that comment. On few blogs, your comment will be moderated, but you will find if you leave a good comment there, your approval ratio will be very good. So this is the first way to make dofollow backlinks for your blog.

Now apart from IntenseDebate powered blogs, you can also select “Dofollow comment blogs” and leave your comments on the relevant pages. Here the approval ratio is a bit low, but yet they are a good source to make dofollow backlinks for your blog. Here if you are succeeded in making 5 out of 10 backlinks, those links will be of high quality and pure dofollow.

Blog commenting is being used by many SEOS as a primary tool for rankings, So if you find some pages with 50+ comments, I would suggest not to comment on those pages since those pages might look like spam to search engines. So keeping yourself on safe hand is good instead of being eaten up by Penguins.

Reciprocal Links:

One of my most favorite learning place is Warrior Forum. They have a section where you can find good opportunities to swap your links with other members. On Warrior Forum this section, you will find many webmasters are offering exchange of links. So you can reach them to get few good quality backlinks.

I am thinking you might be shocked by reading this word “Exchange”. Are you? And yes you need to be a little smart and do it in a safe way. Instead of exchanging links, just swap them. For example, let’s suppose you have two blogs A and B, you can give a link to someone from blog A and get backlink to your blog B. And it’s really most safe method if you are succeeded to get link from the post content (this is safe unless that source is a poor PBN)

Guest Blogging:

Guest blogging is yet another powerful way to earn dofollow backlinks for your blogs. Google has already penalized many websites that were using excessive guest blogging. So you need to be smart enough here too. You can find quality blogs for guest blogging and keep sending them quality content with condition to publish it with their name, but giving you a backlink from the article body.

This is really the easiest way that I am using too and it really works. So you just need to spend some time in finding such quality blogs and give them your offer. I am sure you will be succeeded to get dofollow backlinks for your blog using this technique. (Hint: WarrorForum section that I have discussed above is a very good source to find such blog webmasters, just leave them a message there).

So these are the most effective ways to make dofollow backlinks for your blogs. I have not discussed other common link building methods like fiver gigs, social bookmarking, directory submission, web 2.0 etc. Because I think these things have been discussed many times on many web pages. So if u have comments regarding getting dofollow backlinks or link building, do ask me here in comments. 

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