Solution To Resolve Blogger Custom Domain Doesn't Works Without "WWW"

 Blogger Doesn't Opens Without www. Here is The Solution For how To Resolve The Problem,
Method:- 1

  • Go to your Blogger blog's dashboard.
  • Click on Settings in the left-hand menu and then Basic (if it doesn't automatically go to Basic, but it probably will.)

  • Under the Publishing section you should see your domain name just like I see in mine. Next to it is an Edit link (see the image below.) Click the Edit link.
  • A window will expand and there should be an empty checkbox under the domain name that says "Redirect to" Click on the box to check it and then click Save just that (see the image below.)

That should take care of it. You might need to give it a few minutes (or maybe a few hours) for the setting to take effect.

Method:- 2

  • This might seem like a lot of steps, but it's really not that bad. Just take them one at a time. Maybe open up one of the beers from my most recent Twelve Beers of Christmas list if that will help relax you. 
  • Go to your domain registrar's website and log into the control panel for your domain. (For GoDaddy that's login, click My Account in the upper menu bar, click Visit My Account from the drop down menu, expand the Domains section, find your domain in the list, and click the Launch button under the Actions column.)
  • Find the DNS Settings or DNS Zone File section and open it.
  • Find the Host Names section and look for a record that has the host name "@". You probably won't find one so you need to add one (there will be an Add or New button of some sort.)
  • It will ask you what type of record you want to add. Choose either CName or Redirect.
  • Put @ as the host name and your fully qualified domain name, including the www, in the destination or target field (eg,
  • Save the new DNS record and give it 15 minutes to 24 hours before you expect it to work.

Like I said, not quite as easy, but really not all that difficult either.

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