Top 10 Useful Tips and Tricks For Instagram Users-2016

Top 10 Usefull Tips And Tricks For Instagram Users

Tip 1 : Send Photos To Selected People

If you wish to post a photo with selected number of people then you can use Direct option. This feature allows you to share photos with the selected number of people maximum up to 15. All these 15 members can comment or like photo like normal. Items shared this way will not turn up in search, and can be deleted. Use Instagram from PC – Upload Images and Enjoy.
If you wish to choose this Instagram Direct, choose this option Direct when you’re at the “Share To” page. You’ll find this Direct option top next to “Followers”. Now simply select member with whom you want to share that image by tapping the circle next to their names or you can simply type their names in the “To” space. Finally hit Send to finish the process. To view your messages go to the tray icon at the top right of your home page.
useful tips and tricks of instagram

Tip 2 : Avoid Messages from People

If you have some friends who constantly share photos of every possible thing and that photo will come across you every time then you can choose this option to avoid them. If they are your good friend then it is quite difficult to block them so it is always a good option to ignore them. Enjoy Chatting with Instagram Friends.
To achieve this Avoid option straight away go to the tray icon at the top right of your home page. Tap the horizontal three-dot button (iPhone) or vertical three-dot button (Android). Now select “Ignore all posts from this user”.

Tip 3 : Hide your Tagged Photos

This option provides functionality of hide your tagged photos. Whenever someone tags you in any photo that images automatically goes to “Photos of You” section in your profile. If you are tagged in some embarrassing or private photos that you don’t want to share with anyone then you have option to hide it.
In order to hide such photos go to them and simply tap those images and your Instagram handle will appear. Now tap your handle and menu pops up. In that popped up menu select “Hide From My Profile”. If you don’t want to be tagged at all in the photo then go for More Options button and choose Remove Me From Photos.
useful tips and tricks of instagram
There is also an option of review your photos before they go in “Photos of You” section. For this go to “Photos of You” section and tap on settings at the top right corner and change settings from Add Automatically to Add Manually.

Tip 4 : Filter Photos without Posting on Instagram

As we know that Instagram allows us to filter our image before posting this on Instagram and believe me all these filters are amazing. If you wish to edit you image with Instagram but doesn’t want to share it with your friends then here is that cool trick. Chatting with Instagram Friends is Possible – InstaMessage.
Set your device on Airplane Mode, follow all normal steps of uploading and Tap Share on the Share Page. A “Failed” message will appear stating that Your Photo Cannot be Uploaded without an Active Connection. Press deletes to wipe off your unshared photo. Here is the catch your photo will deleted from Instagram but your photo will be sent to your camera roll or phone gallery.
If you snapped your photo without activating Airplane Mode simply minimize your Instagram put your device in Airplane Mode and follow the steps discussed above.

Tip 5 : Remove Geotags

Geotag will retrieve your phone location with the help of GPS data then saves the location of your photos. These photos will appear in your “Photo Map” and if you want to remove these photos from the map, first go to your Photo Map and Tap Edit located at the top right to select from which photos you have to remove Geotags. But this Removing Geotag is permanent. If you don’t want to tag any photo to your Photo Map then you can choose “Not to add the Location at all” while reviewing them.

Tip 6 : #Hashtags After Posting

Sometime you noticed that you have forgotten to add Hashtags in the caption. In such cases you can do so by adding #Hashtags in comments. People can still find out your images with same #Hashtags you have used. This also provides the advantage of dreaded Hashtag paragraph when you share the same photo onto your other social media.

Tip 7 : Share Photos After Posting

Suppose you have done the setting that you don’t want to share your Instagram Photos on any other social media. And now if you want to publish a photo from Instagram to your any other social media for that simply tap on the Three-Dot then select share and choose the account on which you want to share that photo. After choosing that log in into your account if it was not logged in and then simply post that image.
useful tips and tricks of instagram

Tip 8 : Saving Pre Posted Photo

Instagram allows you to save original photos in your Phone gallery. For this you have to toggle your “Save Original Photos” settings.
useful tips and tricks of instagram
If you don’t want all original photos to be saved, you can choose this for particular photo also. Open the photograph that you want to save tap on the Three-Dots and click on “Copy Share URL” option. After getting the URL go to your phone browser and paste that URL in address bar and open the image. Now hold the photo unless a menu pops up with the option of saving your Photo to your Phone.

Tip 9 : Turn Off Video Preload

You may have noticed that when you scroll through your feed and came across a video and that video automatically plays. This was happening because Instagram loads the video in advance for faster streaming. If you want to save your phone data then change the settings to “Preload only when connected to Wi-Fi”.
useful tips and tricks of instagram
For this first of all go to your profile and select settings on  the top right corner. Now scroll and find “Preload” and then change settings from “Always” to “Open on Wi-Fi”.

Tip 10 : Toggle Sound for Video

You are privileged to On or Off your Instagram Video sound without changing your phone’s general settings.  To turn off sound for videos simple go to your profile and then settings at your top right. Now proceed to your sound settings and choose between On or Off.
useful tips and tricks of instagram
Note this is going to be your default setting for videos. If you want to listen sound for particular video when sound is off, tap on the sound button at the top right corner of the video.

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