[Wapka] Notify users When Someone Comment On There Posts Like Facebook

  • Easy function
  • No lagging.
  • notification 1click
Steps To setup notification on post comment:

Now login to your wapka passport*Edit text*Forum/chatfind submit and put this in "submit" input area.


Notify New Wakpa Posts To Visitors 2016

Now create a simple forum note the id.post this in your bottom autocontent of forum.don't forget to change the forum id


In mif textarea (0^1)


From textarea (0^3) of mif 


**note <b id='com'> is must if you remove it in future it will not work.so be careful.Now create a new page change title to site_notification.xhtml


And finally use this for the notification alert.


in top autocontent of forum


in bottom autocontent of forum


That's all... now enjoy the advanced notification system in your wapka site like facebook, when users getting comments on their forum post, they will notified like facebook comment notifications...

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