Carding Tutorial For Beginner & My First Experience In Amazon Carding [For Beginners]

This is a tutorial including all the most completed methods for Amazon to make money.

On this tutorial, I will show you the following:
1) Carding Amazon
2) Follow proper behavior
3) Fastest way to see if the card is burned
4) Cashing out from the carding
5) Refunds
6) Double dip
7) Triple dip
8) Transferring money to other accounts
9) Getting paid by Amazon by receiving a check to your own house with the carded money safely.

1) Carding Amazon

If you have any experience with carding, you already know the process of clearing cookies to assure no cookies can be linked to previous activity or IP.

Download CCleaner and run it before you interchange between accounts. Be sure that you select all the tick options on CCleaner.

After you have cleared your cookies, go to to check whether if there are previous cookies under your system.

You will need proper Socks5 in order to emulate the card h***er's approximate or exact location.
I suggest that you use and use their VIP72 + Proxifier client.

I understand that a lot of card h***ers might not live in the cities available under vip72, so what I like to do is to choose the biggest city available by simply seeing which city has the most proxies available. ISPs are usually based in the biggest cities therefore it makes it appear more credible.

Another tip if you want precision is to simply search where and what city the ISP is hosting for any particular city. For example, say that a target information is from Berlin but there are not Berlin proxies available. What you want to do is to simply search where internet users from Berlin get their internet from. The city in which the ISP is located could be different from the card h***er's city. If you use the location of the ISP, assuming that it is in the same state/province or approximate location, it should be fine.

I stick to the principle of always using the biggest cities.

Note that it is highly suggested that you do this under a virtual machine/box.

Once you have managed to do that above, you obviously need a card to input the information.
You need to create a fresh e-mail account simulating as if you were the real owner;

For example, card h***er name is Joe Smith. You want an e-mail registered as "" or "" or if it's taken, I often write "2u" after the name. For example, ""

I would highly suggest that you avoid using Gmail or Yahoo as they will randomly close your account or ask you to verify them with phone number. If you have a burner ready, then that shouldn't be a problem. Reusing the same burner phone number over and over will obviously raise flags. I usually use to register new e-mails.

Once you have your e-mail ready, go register to Amazon and input exactly the information from the card.

2) Following proper behavior

The biggest mistake that noobs make whenever carding a website like Amazon is inputting their information and ordering stuff right away. I used to do this at some point but I eventually realized how bad that strategy was.

Think of Amazon as the 40 hour rule.
1) You register on the first hour.
2) Spend maybe 5-10 minutes searching random stuff and acting like you are looking at stuff.
3) Get off Amazon for the next 4-5 hours and do not log in again.
4) Add some stuff to your cart on the 7th hour. Get off Amazon.
8) Go to sleep and don't touch the account.
9) Log in the next day and remove the stuff and add some other similar items. Get off Amazon.
10) After Amazon sees that you are a real customer thinking hard to make a decision, start small.

By small, I mean to buy a $20 gift card and have it sent to the new e-mail you registered.
You will see that it typically says that it will be processed in 5 minutes. Be patient and get off Amazon. Once you receive the gift card. Apply it to a legitimate account of yours. Preferably on your main Operating System without the Socks.

Give it another day to go by and then buy bigger amount of gift cards. Ideal amounts are $50-100.

3) Fastest way to see if the card is burned

The fastest way to see if the card in which you will be trying is burned or not is to simply try Amazon prime. If you do not receive an e-mail saying that the card is declined then it means that the card is not burned.

If you do receive an e-mail saying that the card was declined after you submitted the request to try Amazon prime, I would suggest that you give up that Amazon account and recreate a new account under a new CC. You will need to recreate a new e-mail as well.

4) Cashing out from the carding

The security of Amazon is a joke. By accomplishing the capability of buying gift cards, you can simply apply them to your real Amazon account and buy items with them.

I know that people say never to use your real information to have things delivered but for Amazon, it is slightly different since gift cards cannot be charged back. Even if it is, your balance is untouched regardless.

I am speaking about this from experience. I've carded gift cards for a combined amount of $400 from different CCs and have had items delivered to my house without any problems.

5) Refunds

Once you have received your items, you will want to get the money spent as gift card balance on your real account.

The process of refunds on Amazon is really easy. My tip is to always avoid American representatives since they ask too many questions and waste your time.

The best suggestion I can give you is to always do the process of refunds through Live Chat. Simply search for "Amazon support" and select "Where's my item" and then start the chat.

The process of social engineering is not difficult at all. You can copy and paste my example below:

"Hello, I ordered these items on DATEHERE and I have not received them. The order number is: PUTORDER#HERE"

They will reply by apologizing.

You then reply by saying, "I have checked everywhere and I cannot see my package. I asked my neighbors, and I even called the company that delivered the package. The company t*** me that it was delivered and my neighbors have not seen anything."

This leaves to the assumption that it was stolen. They will then proceed to ask you whether if you want a refund to your account as gift card balance or if you want them replaced.

6) Double dip

The double dip is simply you asking Amazon to resend you the exact items again.

The other double dip method is to simply say that you received an empty box when you received your package.

7) Triple dip

The triple dip is rather funny to me. Once they have sent you the double dip (replaced items), you will again contact Amazon support and say that the items could not be found applying what I suggested on the refund method.

They will again ask you if you want the items replaced yet again or a refund. You could try a triple dip, if you want or get a refund.

8) Transferring money to other accounts

If you opt out to get a refund, you can ask Amazon support to move your gift card balance to other accounts by simply saying that you want to move the gift card balance to another account. They will ask you the information about the account that you want the money to be moved.

The idea behind this is that you transfer the money to another account in order to continue ordering stuff, double/triple dipping, and refunding, and then transferring the money again, and over, and over.

9) Getting paid by Amazon by receiving a check to your own house with the carded money safely.

Now, I understand that small amounts of $20-100 probably can't buy items that can't be res*** for much.

The idea to fix this problem is rather easy. Simply buy gift cards yourself with your money real to complete something worth buying.

For example, let's say a PS4 that costs around $425 after taxes.
Let's say that you have $150 in gift card balance from carding.

You buy a gift card for $300 and have it sent to a different e-mail. Once you receive the gift card, apply it to your real account.

Now you have a total of $450 on your account to buy a PS4.
You buy it, go through the process of double/triple dipping, and eventually a refund.

You can opt out to transfer the money to another account to continue the cycle, however; if you want to avoid doing that then the solution simply consists of getting your account closed.

Amazon will eventually close your account for too many dipping/refunds.

Some Personal Advices:

  • Don't Use Your Real Ip While Carding.
  • Use Any Vpn Provider {Usa ip is fine}
  • while doing carding, Please Keep Timing.
  • Need Be patient.
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