How To Add Prefix Tag in Wapka Theme Title In your Wapka Site

Login your acct, goto ur site before clicking admin mode scroll down u'll see Edit Texts click it then click > forum/chats. 
After clickn Forum/chats Put diz code in textarea below Submits

also put This code in the textarea below Theme name

then Click Edit. 
step.2> goto edit site>wap2>styles for content in forum/chats > Themes in Forum, in the 1st box you wil see ::theme:: now wrap it with enoz e.g

and also goto Message in forum, in the third box you wil see diz ::THEME_NAME:: wrap it with enoz too.

then set. 
Now paste diz code in your forum bottom autocontent and also your main site forum bottom autocontent

If You Are Using latest forum update or Which ever Just Wrap it with enoz.
That's All......

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