How To Stop Unwanted Referral Spam Traffic In Blogger Blogs [Easy Method]

here we are going to give you some tips and tricks to get rid of unwanted referral traffic.
1. Exclude all hits from known bots and spiders – (Admin > View Settings)
Google Analytics provides a facility to filter the bots “bot filtering” where you can block no-human referral traffic. It has two steps.
– Go to “admin
– Click on “view settings
– Check the box of bot filtering (as shown below)

Google Analytics Bot Filtering

Difference between Ghost spam and Referral spam with best solution

Ghost spam is directly hit your Google Analytics (GA) and Referral spam hit your website for getting fake visits and promotions. Check image for more detail.
Google Analytics Spam Types
You can stop these spamming referrals at some extent from here. Some sites cannot be stopped by GA Bot Filtering, you will have to try another options as well.

How to block darodar forum, semalt & other spam referrals

2. Admin Filter (Admin > Filter > New Filter) – Here you can block any specific Domain by campaign source. it is very simple technique and has 4 simple steps.
– Go to “admin” part
– Click on “filters” (see it in the image 2)
– Create “new filter
– follow steps according to image 3
(Create New Filter > Filter Name > Filter Type > Filter Field > Filter Pattern)
Be careful while putting url because wrong url will not help blocking or any filtering.

Image 2

Google Analytics Filters

Image 3

Campaign Source Filter

This technique only helpful for spam referrals not for ghost spam. You can also block more than one url. Use pipe “|” to separate spam url (without space).

Block Ghost Spam by Hostname filter (include)

–  If you are getting unhuman traffic from “events, (net-set) data, organic” also that means Ghost Spam
– This technique is the best technique, suggested by all analytics experts
– Use all valid hostnames and add them in hostnames filter – include
– Check how to find valid hostnames, follow the the given image
Google Analytics Valid Hostname Check

list of all valid hostnames
Google Analytics Hostname Filter Setup

Filter pattern for hostnames
.*|.*|.* (no space)
First you have to use hostname filter than use campaign source filter if you still getting traffic from spamming referral sites.
Here is the small list of major spam sites


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