Many peoples have two facebook accounts in these days and i have also two facebook accounts for privacy sake.One is for personal use and the other one for other things like blogging, making friends with new unknown people etc.Let's start without waisting the time.Follow my instructions carefully:

  • Open Google Chrome (Mozilla,Opera etc) browser and login with your first facebook account as always.
  • Now press Wrench button in the top right side of Google Chrome and Click New incognito window (or Press CTRL+SHIFT+N.
  • If you are using Mozilla Firefox press CTRL+SHIFT+P to open incognito window.
    How to use two Facebook accounts in google chrome
  • By clicking "New incognito window" it will bring you a new private window that stores all cookies apart (cookie don't collapse with the first account's cookie)and You'll see a secret agent in the top left corner of Google Chrome.
    How to use two Facebook accounts in google chrome
  • Now Go to in the new private window, and Login to your second account as always.
Note: This method works also for: Hotmail, Yahoo Mail,Gmail,  Twitter and many other accounting websites.

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