Some Helps And solutions To Google Adsense Users

Now A Days i got many questions in facebook and twitter about google adsense doubts, so, i gonna post it for all my adsense users..

How Do I get approval in google adsense ?

     Approval in adsense is not a problem. many sites are rejected due to insufficient contents. if your blog is less than 6 months older & poor post contents, and some low quality templates. if you want to avoid getting insufficient content issue. your blog must be six months older. minimum 30 posts required to get easy approval, blog posts must be not short. if you are using wapka & mybb no problem. directly get a top level domain and apply for adsense.

Is Top level domain must required for getting adsense approval, can i use domain ?

     Yes, adsense is not approve second level domain like,, you cant register with second level domain. if you dont have money. you can use domains. adsense approve domains, no problems.

Ads not shown in my blog. It shows just blank page ?

     When The first time creating ad unit after getting approval, adsense team verify your ad placements, in this time it shows only blank space will shown. after adsense publisher team verify your ad placement and your site contents, ads will shown. it takes just  day for verification,

My Adsense Earning is Very Low, Am New in adsense. What to do ?
     Now a days cpc is only 0.06$ to 0.09$ for indian publishers. am also getting this problem in my adsense career. just use recommended ad units & increase your traffic. your earnings will increase.

Can i Use my adsense ad codes in My other sites & Blogs ?

     Yes, surely you can use your ad codes in your other sites. just add your site/blog in sites list and directly use ad codes in your sub sites. your web page must complies with adsense program policies.

How Do i get paid ?

     You will get your adsense payments directly in your bank account. just fill your details in payment settings page for recieve adsense earnings.
     Your Finalized Earnings must be 10$ For setup Payment settings. finalized earnings will count on 10th date of every month.

What Is Adsense Pin Verification ?

     Adsense Will Verify Your Address before Setup your adsense payment settings. pin will sent to your home address within 1 week.

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