Airtel new UDP trick via Modded TroidVPN 2016

Currently Airtel is a top ISP in India
Their data tariffs rates are too much,  u don't have to pay for Internet from now! 
First of all  try our our  TroidVPN mods.  We have  released 3 modded TroidVPN for solve  the authenticating problem.

First and 2nd are working fine for me!

Download Links

       TroidVPN tls 2.1 | TroidVPN tls 1.5  |  TroidVPN Anti-DPI

1. Use - UDP - Rport= 1194 or 53 Lport=0 or any other VPN protocol as per your choice.
2. Click on Advance option tick use dns as 

  • Try with whatsapp pack or Facebook pack

VPN Features
> Protect your online privacy.
> Increase your Internet Speed
> Save bandwidth by compressing data.
> Wi-Fi Hotspot Security.
> VPN Protocol Selection and Port selection available which makes it a robust VPN proxy tool.
> No speed limitation.
> Protect your device by acting as a virtual Firewall.
> No ROOT required (Except ICMP VPN )
> Very Easy to use VPN.
> Mask your IP address and identity using VPN server IP.
> Daily Free privacy protection on your 100 MB Data.
> VPN Server locations in over 15 countries.
> All Servers are deployed in 1 Gbps network.
> A simple and easy to use VPN for your phone and tablet.
> No registration required.
Thats all :) .

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