How to browse anonymously in your Mac PC

How to browse anonymously in your Mac PC

Below are the methods by which you can browse anonymously in your Mac:
Anonymous browsing in Mac Pc
1. Using Anonymous web Browsers: These browsers has some great built-in secure browsing features and also there is one major usage of these browsers i.e browsing anonymously.Using these browsers you can easily remain untracked for your location, actions etc by the servers too and your local drive will also not save your actions, browsing history etc.These browsers can completly hide the user from the servers hence no one can even judge about what you are browsing or what actions do you take online through these browsers like incognito mode on mac pc.You browse very privately and no one in this world can trace you and your actions.
Here are some of the best anonymous web browsers for Mac:
Tor Browser: This is the one that is exceptionally built only for providing the users the experience of anonymous browsing.Tor browser is the only browser that works truely by hiding the users appearance from the online servers and hence prevents the users to be tracked.I strongly prefer to use this browser if you are wanting to browse privately.
Mozilla Firefox: After making some modifications by adding some plugins you can also change this most popular web browser into very secure Anonymous browser.You just has to install some VPN plugins on this browser and then configure it so that no one can trace you through servers or your actions can’t be judged.Some of the best VPN plugins for Mozilla Firefox include OpenVPN,ZenMate, I2P etc.
2. Using VPN (Virtual Private Network) Configurers: These are the sort of software that can help to configure the network on your computer and then make it very secure and private.These pieces of software are really very effective in transforming your network into totally private and anonymous network hence while using these no actions of yours will be tracked while browsing on the browsers.
Here are some of the best VPN Configuration software that are given below:
1. OpenVPN: This is one of the best solutions for getting anonymous web browsing experience. You just has to install this open source program for your computer that you can get for free. Using this software, the users can adjust the security settings of their network and hence they can make their network totally private. Using OpenVPN you will not has to change your current browser but you can easily control the network and prevent the servers from tracking your actions. This one can also be used with any major operating systems that are available or used now days.
2. ZenMate:  This can be installed as a plugin to your browser and hence make that browser completely anonymous. It functions seem like that the OpenVPN works but the difference is that you has to install this within your browser as a plugin while OpenVPN needs not to be installed within any browser but works freely. It is also available for every major operating system for either computer or smartphone, tablet.
Conclusion: So, these were the things that you can do to make your current web browsers completely anonymous or these are the browsers that you can download for browsing anonymously.Just follow the methods and instructions that are given above in this article so as to start browsing anonymously.That was all about that you can do to browse anonymously on your Mac PC.Go and try these now on your PC!!.

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