How To Increase Wifi Speed In Android By Killing Others Wifi

Today we post how to increase wifi speed in android by cut other wifi users speed and get high speed in wifi . Actually a android app wifi kill is come with very advance features in pro version wifi killer by this you can kill speed of other wifi users we provide full and pro version of wifikill appabsolutely free for users

Just follow this simple steps and increase your wifi speed
  • Firstly Free Download WifiKill Pro App Install and Open and give Root permission
  • Click On Play Icon at top of screen
  • You see all users which is connected on wifi by their ip address and their mac address
  • Select the users which you want to cut their speed or kill their wifi connectivity
  • Click On Grab
  • Then A message of attaching the IP address will pop up
  • A pop of killing the IP address will appear. And then that device will no longer be able to use the wifi network till you are connected or you unkill them
  • Done !

Features of WifiKill Pro App

  • Good part is that the killed device will not be disconnected and the person using that device won’t have any idea about you shutting him down.
  • Increase your wifi speed
  • Increase your internet speed
  • Hack wifi router
  • Cut wifi users speed or disconnect wifi users connectivity


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  1. Not working showing pcap_loop failed please help

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