How To Undo Sent Messages And Videos In Whatsapp Easily

we all are using whatsapp regularly for chatting with friends & some unknown users. here we facing mostly faced problems like sending messages to wrong person, sending wrong messages to girls and some unknown friends. but now you can relax by using whatsapp wrong message problem and delete sent messages in whatsapp. many users request me to share this method to how to delete whatsapp messages before it's read by user. how to undo sent messages in whatsapp. so, here am sharing this working method to resolve this issues.
how to undo sent messages in whatsapp

you can delete sent messages in whatsapp before it's read by user. and delete messages who you want to don't read the message contents. it's not too hard to follow. you can use this method very easily. i hope it's really helps all of you.
How To Undo Sent Messages In Whatsapp Before Its Deliver - 2016
To delete the message before it is readed by user, follow below method:-
  • Long-Press on the message you have Wrongly sent.
  • Now Click On Delete Shown In Pop-up menu in whatsapp.
Remember - It's Only works when this message was not read by user, you can check this status throw tick icon shown in end of message box.

you can delete whatsapp videos which was mistakely sent to wrong user. but you need to work fast for perform this how to delete sent videos in whatsapp.

Deleting a sent WhatsApp picture or video? You must take action fast!

  • WhatsApp takes a few seconds to loading your media files (pictures and videos), and tand it was very important segment for stop the video from sending.
  • Now Suddenly Disconnect your internet connection or wifi connection fastly in your android or iphone, also you can use airplane mode to disconnect all data connection in less time. you can see airplane mode by long pressing your lock button in android mobile & iphone.
  • After you disconnect your all data's your media will not send to the user. surely you can see "could not send" notification in sent media file. now relax.
  • next step is just click on pull down menu and press delete. here don't use directly delete via long presing media file. your media file is successfully deleted now from without anyone reading it...
  • Remember You need to do all things faster with your android and iphone for getting success result. Keep In Mind to use airplane mode for disconnect all data connection faster than your previous data disconnection procedure. This Golden method working great in all android mobiles for delete sent videos in whtsapp groups without anyone reading it.
  • also you can read this same method to " How to delete sent messages in whatsapp groups without anyone reading it "

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