Best Methods to Bypass Android Fingerprint Scanner Security

Bypass and unlock locked android with Fingerprint screen security by bypassing the fingerprint security. Nowadays, the most of the new smartphones that are being launched by the manufacturers come along with some revolutionary features that also include some great hardware features too.Fingerprint scaners were not integrated to the smartphone device even after long time of their discussions and testimonials but now there are some best functional devices with fingerprint scanners.Although these scanners work nicely on most of the devices to lock/unlock screen, gestures etc but most of the users might not be knowing that there are some major flaws that are still there regarding fingerprint scanners which most of the manufacturers are trying to remove.One of the main flaws is that these scanners can be easily bypassed , unlock the device that is locked.Here in this article you will know about the different methods how you can also bypass the fingerprint scanner security on Androids.

Bypass Android Fingerprint Security

Best ways to Bypass Android Fingerprint Scanner Security

Using Victim’s Fingerprint

  • This might sound very awkward as you cannot even thought of that the victim will give you access to his device by using his own fingerprints but the real thing is that you will not has to get up the real finger of the victim to hack his device but you will need only a clear photo of his finger or thumb itself.This is what you can really do somehow, and after that you will has to get that pic of the fingerprint to make up the fake finger with victim’s fingerprints.This is possible as you can make this up just using the fingerprints from the picture that you has to click.This could not be the easy task but with this you has 100% chances to hack the victim’s device by bypassing the fingerprint scanner.

Flash Recovery

  • You can also bypass the fingerprint scanner of the android device through flashing THIS file on the device.To flash up the file first of all connect the device to the computer and then reboot the device. After that download the file to the computer and suing up the flash software just flash this file on your android device.This will remove the fingerprint lock from the device and hence one can easily start to use the device.

Factory Reset

  • This is the method with which you will lost all of your data of your mobile but you can also remove the fingerprint lock from the device too.Just reboot your device into recovery mode and then using up the volume buttons reach the reset option from the menu that shows up.Now press the lock screen button of the device to select that option, and after that your device will start the format proccess and the reset process.On completing the process you can then easily launch and access your device.

Conclusion: These were the best ways by which you can bypass the security of fingerprint scanners on android and therefore easily get logged to any device using fingerprint scanner for unlocking/locking the device.If you want to hack someone’s fingerprint scanner then you should try the methods that are given above in the article, you shall be amazed by how simple it is to be done.

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