Best Tips And Tricks To Increase Wifi Signal Strength At Home

Wi-Fi has been developed with an amazing feature that it allow different devices like computer, laptops and smartphones to connect with an internet connection very easily with wireless connection with a limited location access. Basically Wi-Fi waves like radiowaves that connect just like slectromagnetic waves does that can be easily catched by your smartphones. If you are confused about how to boost wifi internet speed, How to boost wifi signal and strength, here is the best ways for you.

How To Boost Wifi Internet Speed In Android & Pc

1. Placement of Router
Whether you get good Wi-Fi signal or poor Wi-Fi signal well its all because of the placement of your router. To boost Wi-Fi signal strength at your house try to place the router at the centre of the house so that it evenly broadcast the signals out in all the directions and try to avoid placing router in a closed room or behind the TV cabinet or near by the walls. Now thats because if you will place the router behind the walls then that will block the signals resulting in poor Wi-Fi signal strength. So to get best signal quality place your router in an open space and away from the walls.

2. Place the Router above the Ground

To boost Wi-Fi signal strength try to place the Router at a certain level above the ground i.e., lift the router and place it above the ground like on a table etc. If you place the router on the ground then the main problem with this placement is that the signals are not able to broadcast from the floors which are made up of cements and metals. So it advisable to place the router at a certain height as the routers re designed such that the broadcast signals from their bases.
3. Place Router away from Electronic Appliances

One of the way to boost Wi-Fi signal strength is that avoid placing your router near any electronic appliances or devices containing motor in them like Computers, Television, Cordless phones, Remote controls, Microwaves and Security alarms.

4. Place Routers Antennas Perpendicular

Usually Routers have two or more than two antennas then in that situation always try to point or place the antennas in different or opposite direction and the best placement would be when you place them in perpendicular manner. As devices work best in situations like when their internal antennas are parallel but with devices like smartphones the way you hold the phone.

5. Measure Wi-Fi Signal Strength

Well now a days there exist applications through which you can calculate the signal strength of your Wi-Fi and there is a Wi-Fi Analyzer that allows you to identify the channels with less traffic. So just simply install this application on your device and run and measure your Wi-Fi Signal Strength.

 6. Secure your Wi-Fi Router
Many a time speed of your Wi-Fi Router drops down because it has been hacked by people nearby you so in that case and to avoid such situations apply a secret password on your Wi-Fi Router to boost Wi-Fi Signal Strength.

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