How to load best performing Adsense ad first - reveal the secret to increase revenue.

Google adsense does not required any introduction. If you are blogger, then you would be the one who is using Google adsense on your blog to earn money. It has been 10 year since the Google has launched this amazing service which allow individual bloggers and website owners to monetize their website and earn money. But earning money through Adsense is not as its look like because you need to generate great content to attract visitor, work on SEO to make content search engine friendly and spend money on marketing to generate traffic. But some people did not get CTR/CPM rate on their ads due to which they did not earn as they were expecting.

Increase Adsense Revenue Secret Method 10$ Per Day

It has been many years, but still no one knows the formula of Google Adsense's CTR/CPM yet. There are many people who come up with the ideas to increase CTR rates like placing minimum ads on one page or have a big space between two ads but still there is no confirmation that whether its increase CTR or not. One of the trip which can help you to increase your AdsenseCTR/CPM is to place ad at the top of your page while it has been also believed that ads which appear on top of your page pay you maximum money on each click. How?  let's take a look, how does Google ads algorithm works.

How Google Ads Algorithm works?

To understand why the first ad of the page is important for your website and how it can help you to increase CTR, we need to know that how does Google's ad serving algorithm works and how its assign the CTR to each ad appear on website.

When a visitor visit to your website, Google's ad serving algorithm scan your whole page and place highest CTR to the first ad of your website. Suppose, your website's page contain four different blocks of adsense. When Google algorithm scan your website to assign ads to your website. It will assign the highest CTR to first ad appear on your page then lower CTR/CPM of second, third and fourth ad which means that the add appear in the end of the page will give you less money for each click as compare to ad placed on the top of the website. So, our aim is to give the same property which the first ad is getting to the other three ads too to increase the CTR. This could be done with the help of HTML and CSS coding without hurting your Adsense account's policy and term and condition. Which means it is legal to do this.

The solution:

Simply place your ad code right after the <body> tag and adjust the ad placement with the help of CSS code. It will not affect your website design and increase the CTR of your website. You can do this by adding the following code under <body> tag:
<div id="ad1">
Insert your ad code here
Now you have to style your ad1 div in CSS. You can do it as per your website design's requirement by setting position but following I am sharing with you CSS to give you idea for 728x90px ad:
#ad1 {
width: 728px;
height: 90px;
position: absolute;
left: 140px;
top: 350px;
Adjust left and top position as per your website design requirements.

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