How to Recall WhatsApp message on Android or iPhone – Easy Method

Yes! It is possible to delete or Recall WhatsApp message on Android or iPhone. You can recall text message, video, photo from WhatsApp. If you have mistakenly sent a wrong message to a wrong person. Then, you can delete/Recall WhatsApp message before the person read that specific message. You can recall WhatsApp message from your Mobile Phone easily. Follow this simple trick and recall WhatsApp message.

How To Recall Whatsapp Message 2016

WhatsApp is the largest Messenger application on the Smartphone. It has over 1 billion users. Every day billions of text messages are sent. It became more popular when Facebook bought WhatsApp. Currently, it is reported as the fastest growing messenger on the earth. People left all previous phone messengers like BBM etc. Now, 90% of the users use WhatsApp messenger.

How to Recall WhatsApp Message on Android or iPhone:

  • Well, if you have mistakenly sent wrong WhatsApp message to any WhatApp contact. Then, immediately switch your Android or iPhone to flight mode. Make sure your smartphone is not connected with any Internet connection. Now, delete the message which you have sent to the wrong person. This was it! It is the best method to Recall WhatsApp message on your Mobile Phone.

Note: Make sure your message was not sent to that person. Your Message should not be delivered. If your message is already delivered. Then, unfortunately, there is no method to Recall WhatApp message.

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