How To Turn Your Android Smartphone Into a Super Spy

Here is how to do it:

Note: You can only use this trick if you are on a wireless network. Also, make sure the network is secure and password protected.

Let's take a look at the requirements:

  • Android phone.
  • charger (optional).
  • IP Webcam App.
  • Tape or Tripod (optional).
1. Install IP Webcam application in your android device. (Play Store Link|Mediafire Link)

2. Open the application, you will get a window like this below:

spy using ip webcam app

3. Scroll down now and tap on "Start Server" option:

monitor by using IP Webcam server

4. Here Your mobile phone camera will starting and broadcasting the live visuals in the IP address (see the notified location in the below image):

live visual mobile camera

5. Enter the IP  on a browser and tap on the enter button. You will get a page like this:

IP webcam web interface
5. Click in the "Browser" link button. You will see live visuals from your mobile phone camera there:

IP Webcam Web Interface Video

If you want hearing the audio sounds, click on "HTML 5 Wav" button link.

6. click on the "Actions..." button and then click on " Run In the Background":

IP webcam-run in background

Now it will Popup A dialog box, Click on "OK, I get it!":

Run In Background Dialog Box

7. Place the mobile Phone where you want to monitor, you can use this tripod or tape to better stability. Then connect the charger to the phone to ensure the phone battery doesn't drain out.

Whenever you want to start monitor, enter the IP (mention above) in your web browser and hit the enter key. That's all.


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  1. I am waiting for Airtel udp trick....

  2. great article...thanks for sharing this information with us about android smartphones

  3. It is very hard to find a good spy for android. As soon published this program immediately there are many sites where they wanted to earn some money.But after some time, a lot of closed sites. Here then is to load only on trusted sites. That prompted me a site where you can establish a very good spy apps.Here is the link .

  4. Kate Elmore9:08 PM

    Well, now it's not so hard. There are a lot of spy software. I heard about Hoverwatch that Derrick recommends. But I heard that it was hacked, so if you want to try spy apps read a lot of info about the brand. There are tons of review sites like this:
    I tried spy apps for my HTC, but I did get the point. It can be funny amusement or something, but I think that it is useful for parents or maybe for jealous guys... Or maybe stalkers O_o but it's really scary.

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