Recover Banned Adsense Account

Why was your AdSense Account Banned?
The answers could be several. May be you were new to blogging and web marketing, you enjoyed seeing the $digits in your account and  you thought "hey, I made a click myself and look these fools are still paying me!" and then your amount reached a maximum of $10 or even $99 if you were too smart but in the end you ban by adsense.

See This Boy: He Clicking His Own Ads And Increase Earnings, Also He advice Me To Use This Trick :)

Adsense Banned By Clicking Own Ads

Then After June 2, He Come To My Inbox Again And Says:

Adsense Account Banned

Finally He Loss His Adsense Account :-)

Sometimes it is not your fault. Your competitors attack your site with auto clicks using a software out of jealousy without you knowing. 

Personally speaking it really hurts when you receive such an email. It can shatter your Online Income dreams in a second and leave you hopeless but should you cry all day and night for being banned and begging Google to accept you back? Of course not! There are tons of solutions for your problem because you are not alone. I have shared two different solutions for young web owners and firmly established web owners.

Solution To Bloggers:

  • Your Blog or website is just one year old
  • Your Blog has a PR less than 2
  • Your Alexa Rank is > 100,000
  • You receive 100-300 visitors daily
  • Total number of your posts are less than 60-50
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If you fit into this category and you lost your account then you don't have to worry because you honestly have lost nothing! Without 1000-10,000 daily visitors, Adsense or any other Ad service is meaning less. It will take 5-6 months for you to make just $50-100 if you fit in the above category. So what should be the best solution for you?

You still can make your dream come true and earn a happy living online by taking these steps:

  • Make a new Gmail Account with different First and Second Name and Personal Info.
  • Setup a New blogger account with the new Gmail ID
  • Delete your Old Blog and Import your old posts to this new one by making serious Editing. Do not republish those posts with the same titles and starting paragraph and blogger images. Shuffle the paragraphs. The best idea is to rewrite them in different words. I know this will take long but you can do that within a week if your posts are no more than 50.
  • If your blogger account and Gmail ID is not very old and crowded then the best is to delete both of them and make a new fresh start. Don't worry this step is smart long term one, it will hurt you at first but you will be in a much better state later.
  • If you want to keep your blogger account and Gmail ID then its better to set up a blog with upgraded Wordpress and not the free one.
  • Do not Link to your old blog after you have set up the new one.
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