3 Method to Bypass Facebook Photo Verification(Unblock Facebook Account)

3 Methods to Bypass Facebook Security Photo verification(using Holo VPN ,Screenshots and Tunnel Bear VPN

Method 1- Bypass Facebook Photo Verification Using Holo VPN

1. First Download Hola App: -
NOTE:- I am giveing you Android Tutorial to how to bypass photo verification trick in android you also use this on PC or Mac.
2. Now the next step to Install Hola VPN in your Android and click On Open.
3.Then Click On Browser and then click on above right corner in hola.
4.Now select Japan Country or Language.
5. Now open Facebook in hola browser and then login your Facebook account which have or wants photo verification.
6. Now You See Your id is Temporarily locked Then Click on Continue.
Bypass Facebook Photo verification
7. Click Continue! & you will b asked for Date of Birth Verification or Phone number Verification!
8. Now if it ask for Phone number then Put in Your Phone Number Then it will Send Conformation Code On Your Mobile Number. Otherwise it will Ask for Date Of Birth That is Listed On Your Facebook Account just Verify Your iD By DOB.
Date of Birth Facebook
9. If this is done safely then you will Get Your Account Back.
IMPORTANT NOTE:- Hola will not be open those accounts who want gov. proof id its only be able to open those accounts who suffered from photo verification.

Method 2 - Bypass Facebook Photo verification Using Screenshots

1. Login to your Facebook Account , after this you will be forced to enter the captcha and then the step come in which you were asked to identify the photos in which your friends are tagged.
Here we will get 5 chances[5 photos + 2 skip option]
2. Now you have to just take a screen shot of 7 pictures one by one and save with 1,2,3,4.... [also use both skip options]
3. Repeat the step 2 again and again [depends on number of friends you have in your account] If you have between 50-100 friends then you need at least 20 images..
4. Now when the same pic will come , just compare the pic with the previous screen shot of the same pic and you will see 5 names are different and 1 is match the previous pic names.
Facebook Verification
Facebook Photo verification using VPN
Here you can see Prem Pasricha in both pics,so Prem Pasricha is the correct answer.
5. Now you got one correct answer. Just save the answer in the notepad or any notebook. Again when you will see the same pic , just compare and find the same name.
6. Do again and again these steps till than you got all the answer.
Note:- In one day you can try only 3 times. And you have to do this for 2-3 days.
Once you find all your friends photos just try to solve the verification.

Method 3 - Bypass Facebook Photo verification using Tunnel Bear VPN

Tunnel Bear Is Also Like.Hola VPN But Have Advanced Features.
Tunnel Bear VPN
By using this method You can able to bypass pic verification about 5 mins.
1) First Download Tunnel Bear App
2) After Download Install it And then simply Open.
3) Now Register your Account On Tunnel Bear App. After Registration Login on Tunnel Bear.
4) Now Select Japan Country and then Click On set,Wait For sometime for Connecting To Japan.
5) After Connecting Minimize the Tunnel Bear App.
6) Now Open Opera Mini,Mozilla Browser or Google Chrome. [OPERA RECOMMENDED ]
7) Now Open m.facebook.com [Mobile Version] and Login Your account which ask for pic verification.
8) Note that When you Login its not Ask you to Verify Photos, Its Asks you to phone verification or For Date Of Birth.
9) Choose any one of the two options, Enter your Date Of Birth or Phone Number and verify your number.
10) Finally Its done.

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