Best 10 Techniques to Increase Your Domain Authority

Domain Authority is Provided by MOZ and It,s Also Use by Search Engines for Ranking Factor Mostly by Google and It can Help you to Get More Organic Traffic to Your Blog.

There are Many Tools Available to check Domain Authority of any Domain but i am tell you Best tool by MOZ Check your site

What is Domain Authority?

Domain Authority is also Called as (DA) and DA is a Scale of 0 to 100 Some Popular have 100 DA Like Facebook,Google,Wikipedia and Many more Sites But Getting 100 Domain Authority is not Easy But if your Site Have More then 40 Domain Authority then It,s Great.

Deference Between DA and PA

Domain Authority is Ranking Predictive of your whole Domain and Sub-domain but Page Authority is the Authority of your Pages and it can be Different in all Pages Like if your one Page Have 25 DA Then It dose not mean that your Other Page also will Have Same 25 DA.

11+Techniques to Increase Site Domain Authority (DA)

(1) Do Proper On Page SEO

It,s a Important Factor Because Moz bots Check Site SEO and if they Find SEO Optimized Site then it,s a Signal to Them to Give this Site Higher Authority.

You can Do These Things to Improve your On Page SEO.
Write Proper Meta Description to Each and Every Post.
Write Lengthy Posts Like 700+ Words
Use Proper Coded Design and Widgets

(2) Create Quality Content

10 Best Techniques to Increase Site Domain Authority (DA)
Moz Most Likely to Give those site Higher Authority which have Quality Rich and Lengthy Content So Write Quality Post in well written Manner and never Stole Others Article and try to Improve User Engagement on your Contents.

(3) Quality of Backlinks

You can Say that Backlinks Plays Biggest role in Domain Authority So Try to Get Some Quality Backlinks to your Site and try to Get Natural Backlinks by Creating Epic Content :)

Best Guide about Getting Backlinks : 17 Untapped Backlink Sources

(4) Links From High DA Sites

10 Best Techniques to Increase Site Domain Authority (DA)
Yes Moz also Use This Factor More High DA Backlinks you have more Authority you will Get and it,s Different Factor Because in this Factor it dose not See the Quality of Backlinks Even Comments No-follow Links also Works Good in this Factor but Don,t Spam to Get These Backlinks.

(5) Do Proper Internal Linking

Internal Linking
Link your any Domain Page Called Internal Linking and Doing it in Proper way can Improve DA and Page Authority and According to me it,s Easy and Good way to Improve your Site Authority and it will also Decrease your Site Bounce Rate.

(6) Remove Toxic Backlinks

SEO is not a way to Not a way to Make MOZ and Google Fool Because it,s a way to Optimize your to Make them Happy so Remove your Those which are Low Quality links it will Increase your Moz Trust and will Also Improve Google Ranking.

You can Use Google Webmaster Disavow Tools to this Done

(7) Domain Age

Domain Authority (DA)
This is most Important Factor but this Factor Really Make me Angry Because we Can,t do anything in it we just have to wait to get our Domain Old The Older Domain Age Means Higher Domain Authority So we have to Just Keep Patients.

(8) Social Media Engagements

Social Media Sites Page,s Engagement, Likes,Tweets,Re-tweets,favorite,Pin and Social Media Mentions Like How many People have Mention your Site in their Posts and also your Sites Follower are also Counted So Try to Engage with Peoples on Social Media and Get More Engagement on Your Posts.

(9) Brand Search Volume

Brand Search Volume is also a DA Factor and  it,s Really Not in your Hands but you can do it by Making your Site Popular So When People Search your Site Name in Google or Other Search Engines and when you start Getting Decent Search Click with your Brand Name then you will see a Slight Boost in your DA.

(10) Site Engagement

If your Site Readers are Engaging your Site Like they are Regularly Commenting on your Posts,Sharing your Content on Social Media,and They love to Stay on your Blog for little long time.

(11) Site Speed : Increase your Site load time.

Final Words
if you Follow These all above Tips you will Surely Get a Rise in your Domain Authority and also will get Boost From Search Engines.

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