Create Your Own Working Torrent Leeching Site For Free

Have you ever wanted your own unlimited torrent to direct download link generator. Now you can create your own working torrent leeching for free.

Steps To Make Own Working Torrent Leeching Site

  • First go to -
  • scroll down to the segment which says 
  • Install -> Heroku 
  • Click this button to
  • Now you need to create a heroku account, fill up the form and set language as GO. that's it
  • you can always have as your beloved friend
  • verify the account from e-mail
  • now you should see deploy button if not go to the github link and press the heroku button again.
  • Now you should see the app, Leave the optional Field empty and deploy,

After that Launch the app, and Congratulations you have successfully made your own unlimited torrent leech host site.

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