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Enjion is similar to Google live form. You can collect data from anywhere on the internet by sending the URL. You can collect all kinds of information in the form of answers, polls, and even attachments and create automation rules to tell the app to take certain actions based on (for example) emails it receives or to send an email or SMS texts based on criteria you tell it to look for in new records.  Also unique to Enjion is the ability to create dynamic branching logic to the forms based on the upstream input.  So, for example, selecting option 3 in a dropdown could be set to reveal additional options below.

Features of Enjion:

  • It takes less than a minute to create live dynamic forms – The form options can be easily set up to create conditional branching logic.
  • No coding required.
  • Users can upload attachments in any format.
  • Users can give ratings to the product.
  • It is complete while in open beta- This will be a paid service once we leave open beta in Q3 2016

How it works:

It is an online cloud service. Enjion collects the data from any users around the world. Users will fill the live form and you will get all responses saved in an online database. Every business has unique workflows and process’ with dynamic teams. Traditionally the options to manage these workflows were to either invest in custom-built software or bulky and expensive systems such as Sharepoint or ERP. These solutions required large up-front investment, dedicated resources and often locked the business into obtuse support contracts. With Enjion teams are able to quickly create mobile ready workflow apps using customizable drag and drop components, create powerful automation rules, control access levels of team members and manage the resulting data.  No coding is required, no long term commitments.

Some Important links:
  • Here is our YouTube channel which includes a brief explainer video as well as a few videos in which I go through use cases and key features: Youtube Channel.
  • A HuffPo article was written about technical CoFounder TJ Magna: Media Presence.

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