How to Get Facebook Notifications Directly On Feedly

Facebook sends push notifications and email notifications when every time you get new likes, posts, comments from your friends. There is another way to receive your Facebook notifications, you can receive and read your Facebook notification directly on Feedly.

How to Get Facebook Notifications Directly On Feedly:
  • Login to your Facebook account then click here (or) for Facebook page notification, click on the Notification button on your Facebook page.
  • In Notification window click on the RSS link
  • After click on the RSS link a new window will be opened, copy the entire URL into the address bar
  • Then go to your Feedly account, click on the Add Content  link and paste your copied URL    
  • After click on "+"  icon
  • Then choose  category and hit Add button. 
That's all you have successfully done! Starting from you can receive all your Facebook notifications directly on your Feedly account.

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