How To Invite All Friends On Facebook Event In One Click - 2016

If are you using world most popular also my favorite browser, Than its better for you, You know Google is the fasted browser so its this trick work very fast from another.

Steps To Invite All Facebook Friends On Facebook Events In One Click:
  • First Login your Facebook account.
  • After then going to on an event page where you wanna invite.
  • Just click on Invite and scroll down with all friends.
  • After then click on Join and after then click on Invite friends.
  • Now simply copy below codes for invite an event.
  • After then just press Control + Shift + J and click on Console.
  • Now simply using Control + V paste all codes and wait for few second.
  • Your all friends will selected just click on invite and done.

Guys, this method similar as page so you can use this method or trick in your page also, But we wanna tell you that it’s not an official method so use it with your responsibility, If you have any question from this tutorial than ask us by comment below, If you need any codes of one click trick than comment below, Thanks for visit our blog and keep it for more.

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