How to prevent google AdSense Click Bombing

Click bombing is one of the biggest nightmares for many AdSense publishers. To maintain the high quality of the AdSense network, Google monitors click activities very closely and take strict action against the publishers who click on their own Ads or encourage others to click. Since Google pays primarily on click basis, many new publishers are tempted to click on the Ads themselves to see few extra dollars in their AdSense account. But Google has very sophisticated systems to track such clicks and if you are caught, your AdSense account will be disabled. I never heard anyone getting their account back once disabled for invalid clicks.

how to prevent with Click Bombing on AdSense account

There are no fool-proof methods to completely stop the fraud clicks. However, you have a few options to reduce the chances and also to avoid any negative impact on your account. 

Here are some AdSense tips to deal with click bombing:

  • Stop talking about your AdSense income: The best option is to avoid chances of click bombing even though you can't completely prevent it. Stop bragging about your AdSense earnings in public forums and social media. Most people don't want to see you making lot of money. Such people will do anything to get your account disabled to stop you talking about your high income. If you are making money from AdSense, just save your money and stop talking about it. That's the best way to keep your AdSense safe from click bombing.

  • Watch your reports: Always keep an eye on your AdSense reports and monitor the clicks and CTR. If you see any unusual activity like too many clicks in a short period of time, pay close attention to it. Are they keep increasing? Is it happening in short intervals?

  • If the number of clicks are unusually high and if it continues, it indicates someone is repeatedly clicking on your Ads and most probably his intention is to get your AdSense disabled. It could be one of your competitors or someone could be doing it for no reason.

There are few things you can do to protect your AdSense account:

Step 1. Remove AdSense Ads temporarily from your account so that there will be no Ads for them to click on.

Step 2: Login to your AdSense account and remove your site from the list of authorized sites to show Ads. It may take up to 24 hours for this action to come in to effect. So after 24 hours of this step, you can put your Ads back on the site but keep your site unauthorized until you are sure the click bombing has completely stopped.

I suggest you use the second option for many reasons. In case of option 1, when you remove the Ads, the person will know you have removed the Ads. He would stop the work but would come back and repeat it when you put the Ads back. In case of step 2, he will never know you have unauthorized Ads in the site since he will continue to see the Ads as usual. He will keep clicking but the clicks are not counted by Google and so your site is safe from getting disabled. The click bombers will eventually get tired and without seeing any results, they would stop trying (hopefully).

Step 3: Let Google know that you have noticed invalid clicks on your account and let Google know the steps you have taken to keep your account in good standing. Also suggest Google to deduct the invalid earnings from your account. I have explained below the steps for reporting this to Google.

Step 4: If you have an account manager at Google, send an email to him/her explaining the situation. They can add notes to your account to avoid any unexpected action from the policy team on your account.

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