Idea Working Unlimited 3G Trick - July 2016

Here Am Sharing This Working Unlimited 2G & 3G Trick For Mobile And Pc Users With High-Speed Browsing And Downloading. Working Fine In Some States Only. No Need Any Small Data Pack To Use This Trick, No Speed Capping Issue At All.

Steps For Mobile Users :

  • Go to Settings
  • Open Network Connection
  • Then Click on Create New Connection/APN
  • There you’ll get many input options like Account Name, Access Point, Proxy, etc
  • Now fill these details :
  • Proxy : or
  • APN : internet
  • Port : 80

Now , left blank all the fields . And click Save. That’s It, All the Steps Has Been Completed.
That’s it. You’re done now.

Steps For PC Users :

  • Open your FireFox browser and open option menu.
  • Now click on Advance tab and then network tab option.
  • Now click on Manual connection and then enter the details .
  • Now fill these details : 
  • Proxy : or
  • APN : internet
  • Port : 80

Now save these settings and restart your browser.

That’s it. You have successfully configure your PC Browser and Mobile Setting to use your Free Idea 3g internet. Enjoy free Idea data trick, Working In Some States Only...


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