Make Animated GIF from YouTube videos in few clicks

Have you just watched any cool video on YouTube and want to make animated GIF to use on your forum, website or on your phone. But don't know how to Photoshop or you just don't want to use Photoshop. Then you are at the right place, today I will tell you some simple method to create animated GIF images with few mouse clicks. 
Animated GIFs are one of the most popular image styles to get attention on any web page or on any cellphone. A GIF file, simply is an image container that is capable of holding multiple images that cycle at a given time.
People use gif image on various forums, Google+, MySpace and also as avatar. Many of us use animated images on our mobile phones as screensaver etc.

Method 1:
Using Google Chrome Extension
It  is the easiest way to save a YouTube video or any HTML video as a GIF image.
  • Install this MakeGIF Video Capture to chrome
  • Play your video on youtube or web page that has embedded YouTube or any HTMLvideo you want  
  • Click on  MakeGIF Video Capture button 

  • Click the Start button. When you are done, click Stop and a GIF will be generated. 
  • Under capure settings you can also customize size, capture FPS, frames, quality of gif image you would like to.

You also have an option to add overlay text to GIF or reverse the animation (under Frame option).
  •  Click Save GIF to download your gif image.

Method 2:

Using Online tools 

1.  YT2GIF

Just visit the website and put the URL of the YouTube video from which you want to make a GIF. 

 2 imgflip

It is also free service but require signup to convert you tube video in animated gif. You can also upload video (mp4 format) to convert it gif image.


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