Make Easy 5$ To 10$ Per Day By Reading Articles

Its a global people-powered news platform, that sources substantive and high quality news directly from citizens, independent journalists, organizations and independent news networks, and delivers it to millions of readers worldwide based on each reader's interests.

Exclusive-news gives some money for performing simple tasks and pays with e-currencies (probably). Individuals from all over the world are welcome to join Exclusive-news (probably).

Extensive details about Exclusive-news has not yet been specified by exclusive-news owner. So, we not yet know specific information about Exclusive-news requirements and rewards.

You can earn from this network by any of these : 

  • Get paid 0.002 $ for each article you view , so if you open 1000 article = 2$ .
  • Get paid 0.01 $ for each comment you make , so 100 comment = 1 $ and 1000 comment = 10$ .
  • Get paid 0.02 $ for writing article , so if you write 100 articles = 2 $ and so on
  • check the payout rates direct from the website : Here 

This is my personal payment proof (this company pay members at the end of every month and there is no minimum withdrawal)

All Payments Sent To Your Paypal Account 


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  1. Sasi bro unable to download any attachment when i open ur shortenlink then it says please upgrade ur browser to get captcha challenge even in chrome defaultbrowser and uc browser .. Please solve it

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