Add floating social media buttons in Blogger using ADD THIS tool

how to put floating social media buttons using addthis tool. The buttons will appear as shown below in your blog. You may also follow the same procedure to use this in your website.

Steps To Add Floating Social Media Buttons In Blogger :

Step - 1

Sign up or Log in to Addthis account  giving little details to it. Once you sign into the account you will see a page with some tabs on top right corner. Click the settingsbutton (shown as human icon).

Step - 2

You will then be redirected to a page. Click the 'Profile' link available at the left side of the page as shown below.

Scroll down a little to see 'Add a profile' link. Click the link and give a name to the profile say your own  name. Then click 'Add'.

Step - 3

After you complete the above step, move to the top of the page and click 'Get the code' drop down button available at the right corner as shown below. Click 'Smart Layers'.

Step - 4

Scroll down a little to see some options in the left side. If you select 'blogger' in 'Platform', then you will get a widget that will be installed automatically without the need of copying any code. But the problem is this widgets are not working properly in blogs having dynamic themes. 

So, instead of selecting blogger, choose 'A website' in the drop down list of 'Platform'.

Step - 5

The follow buttons are the one that appear in top right corner of the web page as can be seen in this blog. It basically allows users to connect with your blog or yourself (as you wish). So, check the follow button to 'ON' to see some common buttons with spaces for URL's as shown below. Copy and paste your respective social network URL extensions in the space provided. 

You can select the desired buttons to show on the top. Say if you don't want to display LinkedIn button, then un-check that button as shown above. You can even choose other social networks by clicking 'Show More' link as shown above. Remember whatever changes you do, will appear in the preview pane of the same page.

Step - 6

  • Now scroll to the 'Share' option and select your choice : number of buttons. positioning of vertical buttons, either left or right. Also check 'What's Next' and 'Recommended content' to ON, they are very great and useful tools. Now click the drop down button 'More options' and select the profile to 'your profile' as shown in the below picture. Check whether you are satisfied with the selection or not by reviewing the Preview pane . Finally click 'Generate code' and copy the displayed code.

Step - 7

  • Now log in to your blogger account and go-to blog > Layout and click 'Add a gadget' as shown below.

Step - 8

  • A menu with a list of available gadgets will appear, scroll to find 'html/JavaScript', click that and paste your copied code in the space available, then click 'save'. 
After doing this click 'Save arrangement' in your blogger dashboard and view your blog only to see the social buttons appear. 


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