Airtel Direct Trick Speed Capping Solution Without Daily Recharge July 2016

Hello, Friends, I am Back Again with Airtel Direct Trick Solutions In this Post You Can Download Airtel All in One Solution Like Speed Capping Solution, Daily Recharge Solution, 3G Network Problem all Things. Yeah. Now No need to Recharge Daily a Small 3G pack You can use This Trick Again With Long Time Recharge Pack like 28-30days Packs.

Requirements For Airtel 3G Direct Unlimited Trick:

  • Need Airtel Sim With 3G/4G Enable
  • Android Mobile or Laptop Required
  • Maintain minimum balance 0rs
  • No Rooted Phone Required
  • APN:

Feature Of this Airtel 4G Direct Trick:

  • Unlimited Downloads with speed up to 1-2mbps
  • No Need Proxy & Vpn
  • Feel Free To Use All Websites Directly
  • Bytebx or Zbigz Torrent Supported
  • Desktop supported as well as Mobile Phones rooted or unrooted.
  • No speed capping issue Now using this trick.

How To Solve Speeed Capping In Airtel Direct Trick:

  • First you need to activate Airtel Direct 3g internet trick, Some info : Recharge with unlimited 2G pack then 1 month 3g pack (both packs should have same validity like 28 days)
  • Follow these guide daily before 12 AM to avoid recharging with minimum 3g pack everyday.
  • On 11:55 PM Send sms Add "Any Airtel Number" to 121
  • Browse the internet Normally, but don't download anything.
  • After 12:00 AM your speed will cap but don't worry. DO NOT DISCONNECT INTERENT.
  • Now Create New sms DEL "Airtel Number" to 121
  • All done,Check the 3g 4g speed.You will get complete 3g speed without any balance deduction issues.
  • You can now even connect and disconnect the speed won't be capped.
  • Repeat the steps daily at 11:55 PM
  • Enjoy Tricking :)


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  1. Anonymous8:34 PM

    working bro..

  2. work aagudhu but kalaila 10am Ku net speed koranjidudhu

  3. Airtel unlimited 3G in 2g unlimited trick ..
    This trick is not working in up west

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