How To Get Google Adsense Approval For Youtube Channel 2016

YouTube is widely known as the biggest video sharing platform, where users can upload their personal videos and monetize it, using a different video advertisement platform. This is a great way to earn royalty fees from your YouTube videos. Before, YouTube didn't allow users to link their Google self-hosted AdSense account, as they had a separate advertising platform. It was very hard for a YouTube user like me to monetize videos, because they only accepted channels with a high reputation who update videos regularly, and YouTube broadcasters who filmed professionally.

Requirements To Get Approval In Adsense For Youtube:

  • Your YouTube account must be at least eight months old.
  • Don't upload videos that you don't really own.
  • You can see your earnings directly through your AdSense account.
  • You need to be 18.
  • You need to have monetizable videos.
  • You need to have a minimum of 500 subscribers; 50,000 video views; and 10,000 channel views.
  • All of your videos must be original -- you cannot upload music videos or clips from movies.

How To Get Google Adsense Approval For Youtube Channel:

  • Before you can link your AdSense account, you must be a YouTube Partner. To become a partner of YouTube is very easy and there is no need for an approval. To do this, go to this link -- -- and verify your account status. To verify, go to Account status > Select your country > Verify using your mobile phone. Note: Your YouTube account must be in good standing and you can't use it for spam purposes.

  • This step will enable your ads monetization. You will become a partner through monetization by displaying ads to your videos. To do this, click "Enable" on your Monetization status and hit the blue button that says "Enable My Account". Follow my screenshots below.

  • This is the final step in linking your AdSense publishers account to YouTube. First, view your monetization setting from this link -- . Choose from the Guidelines and information, "How will I be paid?", and click "Associate an AdSense account". You will be directing to your existing AdSense Publisher account, and then click the button for you to proceed to your AdSense account.


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