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Frankly speaking, Facebook is among those social media sites which becomes an addiction as you become a more observed user day by day, and especially of your FB inbox where you send/receive all personal communications over this giant of social media. But as the time passes by, you may realize that your personal FB inbox has become overruled with lots of messages stored that doesn’t mean to you anymore or are just filling up the space somehow, though there is really no storage limit in Facebook at all. So, you might delete a pack of two, three, four, five, or even ten messages with patience, but where it gets to the nerves when there are so many to delete. For those concerned Facebookers, today I am bringing a tip that will teach them the procedure of deleting all Facebook messages at once. So let’s begin my friends.

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First, there is an involvement of a third party plugin on your Firefox or Google Chrome to actually achieve this task conveniently. The plugin is “Delete All Facebook Messages” and it is available on both Firefox and Chrome as mentioned above. Go ahead and install this plugin and then proceed to the next step in this guide.

  • After you have installed the plugin, log into your Facebook account either on any of the above two mentioned browsers that you use.
  • Go into your FB inbox where you can see all your past and present conversations stored.
  • After opening up your FB inbox, go to the top right side of your browser’s address bar and notice a tiny icon there on the far right side of the address bar.
  • Now, click on this tiny icon and it will ask your permission to whether you allow it deleting all Facebook messages at once.
  • Be sure to click on ‘Load Older Threads ‘as well for the plugin to choose all of the Facebook messages in your entire FB inbox form the furthest past.
  • Finally, the plugin should take no more than 10 to 20 seconds, usually, to clean up your entire Facebook inbox conversations that you have marked to be deleted. However, please be noted that deleting all Facebook messages at once might take enough time which is appropriate to remove all the selected messages in your FB inbox cleanly.

So, with this easy and convenient method of deleting all Facebook messages at once you are way ahead of the traditional each-select-each-kill procedure that is both time consuming and irritating too. Use Tjis MNethod And Save Your Time.

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