Phone Gets Hot While Charging – Solution

Today There is so many Android Phone Gets Hotter While Charging. I just have bought the new phone that is Karbonn Titanium s5 and when I charging my phone it gets hotter. but after I read about this is not a problem on the phone this is a normal that today phone gets warmer while charging most of the Android phones that have quad core processor gets hotter while charging like Sony Xperia Z Samsung s4 and other phones that have quad core processor gets hot while charging. cause there is so hot in nowadays a main reason and the other reason is that there is quad core processor is ringed is have and it becomes hotter faster than other processor and also it gives the excellent and rapid performance so while charging it becomes warmer. when your using wifi or suing the internet in your phone while charging it becomes actually hotter in just some minutes. this is not a problem in phones, but I really don’t like when my Phone Gets Hotter While Charging so I need to find some solutions. what to do while charging that my phone is not getting hotter. I found some ways to keep your phone cool while charging or while using the phone that your phone will not get hotter so here is some of my idea’s.


  • If you have AC in your room on your Ac while charging with this phone is not getting hotter while charging not a great but working idea.
  • switch off your android phone while charging this will actually effect and your phone is not getting warmer and it’s like same as room temperature.
  • If you don’t want to switch the mobile phone off, at least do not use it or do not run many applications while the phone is being charged.
  • remove back the cover of your phone while charging it will actually effect and phone not become hotter I just do this sometimes.
  • keep your phone in cold places. not a very idea all the time but working some time 
These are the idea’s that I found to make your phone cool to the same temperature. I found this when you charge your phone actually phone’s battery not getting much hotter is the processor that become hotter and don’t be afraid your phone’s battery will  not gonna explode it stays cool just become the hotter cause of phone gets hot. I just watched this in my phone’s battery is simple as cool but where is the processor that place becomes hotter so I use that my idea’s I show there 😉 not good but safe.


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