Play Pokemon Go Without Moving [No Root Required]

Pokemon Go is all about going outside from your comfort zone and catching Pokemon in the middle of nowhere. Sure it was very enjoyable in the beginning, going on Pokemon hunt with fellow players and searching in the darkest corners of the city. But the recent bug-type Pokemon-I mean the tracking bugs in the game made it very hard to catch Pokemon. But to be honest, I don’t have enough free time to actively look for Pokemon all day. But there is still these urges which make me want to destroy other’s gym. Which is kinda impossible for me if I don’t spend time playing the game. So I found the solution to my obsession & started playing Pokemon go without moving from home.

How To Play Pokemon Go Without Moving & Walking [No Root Required] :

So to play Pokemon Go without moving from home, I tried to use GPS-spoofing. GPS spoofing is faking your GPS location using various methods. There are many spoofing apps in the Google Play Store, but none of them worked for Pokemon Go. Then I found a GPS spoofing app specially made for Pokemon Go with mixed reviews. I decided to give it a try and voila! it worked like a charm. The app is not perfect, but it’s the only working GPS-spoofer I found for non-rooted Android device. So without further putting on the airs, here are simple steps to get you started.

  • Go to the Google Play store and download Fake GPS Go.
  • Once you finish installing, head to your Phone settings> Developers Options. If you have Marshmallow Android version, it may be locked. You can easily unlock Developer options with just a few taps on Build number.
  • Once the develops options is unlocked, head to Settings>Develops Options> Select mock location app > and select Fake GPS.

  • Open the Fake GPS Go app & grant the permissions by tapping on Request Permissions & the tap on PROCEED.

  • Tap on Select Location and it will show your location on the map. Drag & drop the red location marker at your desired position & tap Select this location.
  • Tap on Set Location once to fake your location. Tap on it again to avoid ” Failed to detect Location” error.
  • Open the Pokemon Go game and your character will be at your chosen location.
  • That’s it. Now you can switch between game and app to keep changing location.
  • The app has YouTube video link attached about the tutorial. Watch it once if you are confused about steps.

    Limitations :
    • Ads will be popping up once in a while, but it’s tolerable.
    • There will be GPS error time-to-time,but it can be solved just by setting location again.
    • Sometimes your fake location will be switched back to your original location. Again just select your desired location and set the location. You will be teleported back to the fake location.
    • If the servers are having issues,there will be no Pokemon or Pokeshop appear around you at your fake location. Restart the game to solve it.
    • Do not try to select different countries or regions. You will be banned for few hours the moment you do it.
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