Airtel New Droid Vpn Trick For Unlimited Free Internet December 2017]

Best free internet tricks and hacks 2016 for 4g and 3g net in Airtel sim in android and PC. We all know that to enjoy up the various services like internet and mobile recharges from the various network providers, we will has to pay up specific ammount for that according to our plans that we select.Airtel is the major network service provider in india with which many people accross india use up their various faculities.But as the rates for the internet plans and the tax for basic recharges on mostly every network providers has increased or raised, so to get up internet and recharges on your mobile could be no easy.Here are some of the tricks for Airtel discussed below in this article with which one can get access to internet service as well as the recharges all for free.Just follow up these tricks so as to get free internet on your Airtel number.


  • 3G enabled SIM with 0 rs. balance
  • Wynk pack activated in your Airtel
  • Droid VPN application

Steps To Use :
  • Download and install the Wynk Application on your device and the app is actually powered by the Airtel itself so you don’t has to worry about it to be harmful to your device. Now you will get the data pack while you installed this app on your device and you will has to keep the data active and then run up this app.
  • Click on the My Account in the wynk app and when the ascending screen launches then click on the try for free option. After that choose the Wynk Freedom plan which is totally free and then download and install the Droid VPN app ( skip that if you has this app pre-installed).
  • Set your network settings with the APN set to and the proxy IP to and set the port option to 3128.If you are using the Droid VPN on your Android device then you won’t has to go for further steps but you will has to set these options inside the Droid VPN app itself.
  • On PC you will has to install the Tunnel Guru and then go to it’s settings and then to the options. Now go to the advance options and then Find parent proxy from there. Change that proxy with the above stated proxy and after that click on the headers and write up : Host:
  • Now connect it after setting up the port to 443 and you shall get your network connection with data service enabled. This trick works in the north region of the India but you can also expect it to work in other places too.
hat was the latest trick that can be used by the Airtel users to get up the free internet service and recharges on their mobile numbers.You has to keep one thing in mind that these tricks won’t work all throughout the india but is tested in some states and cities.Just go and try the tricks, maybe you shall also get successful in getting access to free internet service on Airtel for free.


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    Droidvpn udp works?

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    Unlimited free recharge

    Install and register you will get rs10

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    UNLIMITED tricks

  4. Your site is awesome.
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