How To Use 4G Sim In 3G Mobile [Reliance Jio]

Today we share a trick to use 4G Sim in 3G android Mobile Phones by Changing Engineering Mode setting. Even you can use Jio sim in your 3G Android mobile phones. Many Users Request to use 4G Sim In 3g Android Mobile Phones so we post this Simple trick to get 4g Signal in 3G smartphones. For using 4G Sim you just need only 3G enabled Mobile Phones and you get 4G signals in your mobile.

How to know which Chipset is used in our android :

  • For this You need to follow below steps to know which chipset processor is used in your android device because every chipset have different steps to use 4g sim in 3g android mobile phones.
  • Firstly You need to Download CPU-Z app which gives all information about your android device
  • Install and Open it.
  • You will see All your device information for example if you are using Mediatek chipset processor then you”ll see mediatek logo.

How to use 4g sim in 3g android mobile phones in Mediatek Chipset Processor :

If your device is used mediatek chipset processor then follow below steps to use 4g sim in 3g android mobile phones.

  • Now Download Mtk Engineering Mode app in your mediatek android device.
  • Install and Open it , and click on Mtk Settings.
  • It will redirect to Engineering mode of your android.
  • Now scroll down , And click on “Network selecting/Preferred Network” Option.
  • You”ll see many network mode , Just select 4g From it.
  • Now insert 4g sim in 1st slot and restart your device.
  • you “ll get 4g signal in your 3g handset.

Using Xorware 2g/3g/4g Network Mode Interface App :

This is Very simple method to Use 4g sim in 3g Android Mobile phones. By this app You can Make your 3g device to 4g But you need Rooted Device with Installed Xposed Framework. Because this is Xposed Module to make 4g Interface in 3g Mobile phones.

  • Install This Two Applications Xorware Network Mode Switcher and Xorware Interface app.
  • After successfully Install , Open Interface app.
  • In Network Settings , Select Network Mode to 4G Lte.
  • Save and apply setting, restart Your android phone.
  • Done Insert Jio 4g Sim in 1st Slot and Turn On Your device.
  • You get 4G signal in your Sim.

How to use 4g sim in 3g android mobile phones in Moto G and their Series phones :

  • Open dialer and enter this Ussd code *#*#4636#*#* to open engineering mode.
  • Click on Phone Information.
  • Scroll down and select “Set Preferred Network Type” >> Then select “LTE/GSM auto” Option.
  • Done ! You get 4g signal in 1st slot.
Notes :
  • Working on some 3g android Phones which have At least Kitkat version.
  • You don’t get 4g speed you just make your device 4g compatible.
  • If you get 4G speed then please don’t forget to comment here to help other peoples.
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