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Trick to Get Iphone 3D Touch Feature In Android Mobiles

Now you can Enjoy Iphone 3d touch Feature on your Android device. We also Share Apk so you can enable 3d Touch Feature in Just 30 Seconds on Your Android Smartphone. If you are one of them who Needs to Run Android but wants Iphone Look and work on Screen then This android 3d touch feature makes your android to Iphone.

By this tutorials , You can make One More additional feature in Your android smartphone which is Iphone 3d Touch Feature. You need to install some apps and configure with settings and you are done to use Iphone 3d Touch Feature on your android mobile.

How to make Iphone 3d Touch Feature on Android :

  • After Installing both applications , Open Xposed Framework and Tick to activate on Force Detector.
  • Now restart to work properly.
  • Now Open Force detector simply from menu apps.
  • Enable Force touch and master switch.
  • Now open Threshold.
  • Click on Screen 5 times by Full thumb Now Copy the value in threshold.
  • Done !
  • After doing this all steps you make one new feature on your Android which is iphone 3d touch feature. Now assign different apps and different action and enjoy 3d touch android.

Final words :

We hope you successfully enabled iphone 3d touch feature on your android. If you wants any help regarding to activate 3d touch feature then you can comment here.


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