Freeway App: Get 4G Internet Data for Free (Free data on Signup + Referral)

Get Free 3g/4g internet data for any networks with Freeway Android app.

Hi fans,  Today i Guru Hemant back with a new free internet data providing app called Freeway.We hope you guys are enjoying our previous article in and this time we are here introducing a new android app calledfreeway which currently providing free 4g internet data for free.

Freeway is one latest android app in this category. I think you guys already know about kickbit android app which is an old app that also works same as like this. Freeway works same as other freerecharge providing apps. Free recharge providing apps like true balance, earn talktime etc provide free recharges for doing some tasks, here freeway app give you free 3g/4g internet data for completing some tasks.

Freeway providing signup bonus and referral bonus also. Currently, they are giving 10 MBas signup bonus and 25 MB as the referral bonus.that is, at the time of signup you will get free 10mb 3g/4g data free. also for each successful refer you will get 25mb 3g/4g data free.

→How to get Free 3g/4g data from Freeway?

In this section we are discussing about ' how to get free 3g/4g data on any network with freeway android app'Signup on Freeway and get your first free 10MB 4g data.

1.First,go to this link and install Freeway android app on your device. [on website, click on learn more button under consumers tab then on next screen click on the playstore download link]

2. Now open Freeway and enter your mobile number and continue to the app.

3. Now at the main screen,tap on the settings button and signup on Freeway. You can signup on Freeway using your email address or directly with facebook.

4. Yeah, after successful registration you will get 10 mb 4g data free.

How to earn more Free 3g/4g data from Freeway? Refer and earn + tasks
You can earn unlimited 3g/4g data from Freeway android app by completing some taks there and with referring your freinds to freeway
How to get my unique invite link? and start reffering to Freeway?

1. Open Freeway, sign in to yourfreeway account

2. Now tap on the invit button that is situated on the top left [near to settings button]

3. you can share your invite linkdirectly to social networks or you can also copy the link.

4. start sharing your referral linkwith your friends.

5. For each successful signup to Freeway through your invite link, you will get 25MB free 3g/4g data.

>> You can earn more free 3g/4g data free from Freeway by completing some tasks/offers there. The tasks are something like installing some apps / opening some apps .
** You can recharge earned free4g data to your registered number. That is with freeway you can get free 3g/4g internet data on any network.
I hope you guys enjoyed reading about freeway new free 4g data providing android app.If you are an android user and looking for free 4g data tricks then Freeway is best choice for you.Thanks for reading our article.
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