How to Get Unlimited Friend Request on facebook


How to Get Unlimited Friend Request on facebook without any blocking issue.This is safe trick to get friend requests Now Facebook is the largest social media site which we all uses more then any other social media sites. So we all update photos, status or stuff like that and them people likes it or comment on it.

So as we all know that if we have lots of friends then we will get lots of like also in our stuffs which we upload. Thats why we all want to add so many friends or we want to show off our Facebook friend requests to our friends. Sp I have given a trick to get unlimited friend request in one day without blocking issue in facebook.
Follows the given steps to get Unlimited Friend Request on facebook

How to Get Unlimited Friend Request on facebook:-

1. First visit and click on “Auto Friend Request”

2. Now click on “Click Here” option and authorise HTC app.

3. Now you will see 404 page not found error. Don’t worry, just close this tab and click on 2nd “Click Here” button. At the end of the url, you will see long URL, just copy whole url and paste to blank box and click login.
4. Don’t miss to Change Privacy from friends to public at the time of authorising HTC App.5. Now Select “Use Auto Request” option.
6. In the end click on “Send Me Auto Requests“.
Now you will start getting friends request. Check your facebook account.
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