Now You Can Open Websites Without Data Connection in Offline Browser

Hi friends Now you can Access any  Websites Without  your Data Connection in your android device with  offline browser app . With this you can use internet while you are offline. Here is Trick to Surf the internet without internet connection when you are offline mode.
data  connection .

In this trick we will use a simple android app apk which is called Offline Browser. from this Offline Browser apk we can access websites without working internet connection from our android phone. Follow below carefully.

What is Offline Browser ?

A offline browser is a simple android app which is design and developed for the offline internet surfing purposes.this is very helpful application.and also available on google play store for free of cost.this is mainly use for saving the website in your android device this is save the website in offline mode on your android use without internet connections...

Requirements :

  • A Working internet connection for one time use only.
  • Offline Browser application apk.>>>>>Download Here
  • An Android phone.

Steps – How To Access Websites Without Internet Connection (Offline Browser):-

  • Firstly download Offline Browser app from here | Download Here
  • Then install and open it in your android phone.
  • Make sure that you have a working internet connection only for first time.
  • Open the app and click on + icon.

  • Now enter theyour website address which you want to access in link field and enter the title in title field.

  • After entering your all details it will download the whole  website files on next page.

  • After finished your download (100%) now you can access the website without any internet connection.

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