Top 5 Best Android Screen Recorders for Android January – 2017

Top 5 Best Android Screen Recorders for Android January 2017

#1 AZ Screen Recorder

You might have used this amazing applications for recording your Android screen. AZ Screen Recorder is one of my favourite applications when it comes to record the Android screen. It comes with to many settings in which users can snap the screenshot, record video with audio. You can also use the micro-phone. You can record the video in 1080p.
The best part of AZ Screen recorder is that it comes with a feature in which you can also edit the recorded video. You can customise the video and edit it without any external software. You just need to install a plugin for the application.

This application is also having the feature of adding the watermark at your screen. This can be used when you are going to upload the recorded screen on the YouTube. This application doesn’t need a rooted device along with it you can also download the paid version of the application at just 3$.

#2 Google Play Games

You might be familiar with the Google Play Games. This application is having the feature of recording the games screen. It only records the screen at 720p and 480p. There is no option of recording the video in 1080p. Now, why this is useful just because people loves to record the games which they are playing.

Most of the gamers records their Android screens and then they uploads it on YouTube. This application is useful. I have seen screen recorder facing the issues in which they came across the situation in which their phone is having a small glitches while recording the screen. Well! Google play games is not having such issues which is great and it is the best applications you should try downloading it.

#3 Mobizen Screen Recorder

I doubt that many of the users might have not heard about this screen recorder. This screen recorder is unique. Nowadays everyone is using Android phones and the KitKat was the Android version which was the most used operating system of that time. Then the developer has keep an advantage on this application in which it is having the feature of recording the screen of Android 4.4 KitKat. If your phone is Non-Rooted then no issues at all but this application is booming for Android KitKat users.

#4 One Shot Screen Recorder

One shot screen recorder is the another best screen recorder. This application is available as the free application and as well as the paid. This application is having the feature of recording the screen and you can set the screen resolution and as well as you can put the screen size of how much size of screen you need to record.

If you are using the free version of the application then this might be having the issues that you will always get a water mark on the screen if you will download the donate version of this application then it will allow users to record unlimited videos without water mark.

#5 Vysor

You might have heard the application named as Team Viewer in which the user A can check the files of User B but the files are read only. Vysor is having the feature same as Teamviewer in which users can easily record the video with the help of PC. It won’t work automatically. This application is having some ads. If you want to fork out some money and enjoy the HD screen recording which is the nice option.

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